Adventures In Cheddar

So, this weekend we were lucky enough to head down to Cheddar in Somerset. Not far from the gorge, there’s a beautiful campsite named Pertruth Paddocks.

Chaz and I had been there before; we had our first little weekend away together there for my birthday several years ago. To return again for my 28th (and now married!) was wonderful. Hosted on a working farm, Pertruth is family, group and dog friendly, they allow you to have campfires using rentable washing machine drums, they have an ice cream tricycle which comes around every evening and there’s a really friendly atmosphere.

But this time we didn’t go alone.

This time we were accompanied by some of our closest friends. Whilst Chaz and I are seasoned pros when it comes to loading up our little car for camping, we had to find room for an additional person and all their things. Chaz however is a Tetris king and somehow is always able to fit everything in – albeit very snuggly.

We managed to get down to Cheddar in the space of a few hours (including a stop for coffee and vegan sausage rolls) and were immediately welcomed warmly to Pertruth. In the few years we’ve been away, this little campsite has really boomed. From a handful of staff to plenty of polo shirted helpers roaming the fields and the busiest weekend of the year, there was plenty of hustle and bustle.

Glastonbury has given Chaz and I many skills. One of them is assembling our tent in around 10 minutes without arguing. Once everything was up it was time to relax with a glass or two of gin.

Being surrounded by friends is lovely. Whilst a few weren’t able to make it, we were determined to have fun none the less! Over the weekend, we ventured into Cheddar town, nearby Street (seeing my wonderful parents in the process!) and roasted many marshmallows and burned many toilet rolls to try and keep the fire going. When it came time to leave, we even managed to take down the tents and pack everything away without so much as a disagreement.

Thank you for the wonderful weekend everyone – I had a lovely time!

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