Goodbye Little Friend

This weekend we lost a member of our family. He was a grumpy little fluff who sat in the corner of our garden for five years and whilst he was like a stroppy teenager, he was beautiful and I loved him dearly. So did Chaz (in his own way) and my Ma and Da.

Cosmo was an adorable little shit. He was smart, greedy and so very very soft.

I remember when we first brought Cosmo and his twin sister Elbie into our family. They were babies, completely dependent on one another and had no interest in letting me be their adoring parent.

Sadly we lost Elbie after prolonged illness, but Cosmo stuck around. Even though he misbehaved, escaped, was fussy and occasionally aimed to give you a good nip, he was my baby.

The fact that he’s gone hurts. So, this is a small dedication to the tubby terror, I hope there’s dandelion leaves, apples, carrots and toast a plenty where you are now buddy and that you’re annoying your sister again.

We loved you.

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