A Reflection Of Myself

I used to run a blog.

It was a space where I mostly wrote about watching films and occasionally what books I read. I don’t know why I started it, but I did kind of enjoy it. But I kind of forgot about it and eventually even the logins escaped me.

But recently I’ve wanted to do this again; but with a different purpose in mind.

I want to go on a journey, to try and find the best version of me.

It’s been a long time coming. At twenty seven I’ve managed to do a fair amount and tick off a few of the check boxes of that ‘perfect’ timeline people strive for. I’m lucky. I have an amazing family, some incredible friends and a very, very tolerant husband.

But I’ve never quite found that point of satisfaction within myself.

I don’t think I’m entirely sure, still, of who I actually am. Am I defined by where I came from, by my actions, my appearance or my thoughts?

This is going to be my space. A space I can share my journey into finding out, at twenty seven, married, with a dodgy haircut and just about managing adulthood, who Hannah actually is.

I’d like to invite people to join me. After all, any type of journey, whether it’s a road trip, a mountain hike or a bit of soul searching is far more fun when you have company.

Even if it’s just my own personal journal of how I’m feeling, my motivations or a photo album of my travels; even if no one sees this at all.

I think, this might just be a rather good idea.

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